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Currently my project is something of a monster. I have engine pieces all over the country, and the car on jackstands. When it is finally assembled, I will be happy. It is a 3.0L Turbocharged V6 Dodge Shadow. I will be running forged internals, massively modified head, equal length tubular turbo header, a T3/T61 .82 A/R exhaust turbo, and a huge spearco intercooler. With big fuel, light car (2600lb with driver), and race suspenion, it will be a terror. Pushing 500hp at the wheels and gobbs of torque, I dont see a reason not to be running 10 second quarter miles when dialed in on slicks.

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Jan 25th, 2004 - 0842am
My computer sucks as I cannot get CVS software to work. I am preping the files for someone else to upload, so some more detail is needed to be added on what to do.

Nov 08th, 2004 - 1016am
Well things are going good for the site. In the next few days, I am hoping for seamless transition over to a new account. However it will probably end up taking an hour downtime... Murphy's Law. Anyway, I have downloaded at home, and I am now attempting to setup some small Docbook files for use with Docbook on the webserver. If I am successful, I will begin to rewrite the current manual in Docbook format. Once done, it will be uploaded to the CVS. Once there, we will make periodic pushes to the server.

Oct 05th, 2004 - 0642am
I am trying to assemble a diffinitive list of assembly procedures for my Genboard v3.1 assembly and for the manual. Here is some I have found.

Thanks for the help.

Sept 30th, 2004 - 1245pm
Question was posted elsewhere, but then decided to move it back here. What is the recommended fuse size for the Genboard? What if you tie the LCD power into the Genboard, what size then? I need to put this information into the manual.
Marcell answered the question in BuildProcedures/SectionThree . Will be in the manual soon. Thanks!

Sept 18th, 2004 - 0211pm
Everything is here! Awesome stuff all!


People keep asking about the "white stuff on the paper". Sorry to ruin all the fantasy, it's nothing naughty: just the envelope used for rescue kit parts. The color came off when the envelope (originally spam-ad) was opened.

Sept 14th, 2004 - 0437pm
Recieved my case and endplate from Marcell today, along with 3 NT2k temp sensors. Thanks!

Sept 12th, 2004 - 1124pm
Jason - Frank, you ordered a wbo2 connector. Do you want pigtails(about 10 inches), just pins so you can crimp them yourself, or connected to the end of the harness in sensor 1 or sensor 2 position? If attached to the harness, how long? The full 8 feet? I should have the order together today so I can ship it tomorrow.
Frank - Jason, connected right to the harness would be awesome in the sensor 1 position. Just use the already set 8 feet of the harness. Thanks a ton!!!

Aug 31st, 2004 - 1214pm
Was prompted about my order today in terms of the harnesses.
"What are the available lengths for the harness (4 to 6 feet)? The color blue would be cool. If not, black. (Can I get them to alternate through all the colors? ;) hehehehe). The NTC2k2 and other parts, whenever, not that big of a rush."

Jason - The harness can be as long as you need (within reason of course. :) Measure your engine bay and make a guess. Guess long...

If you want me to alternate between all the colors in every wire position, that's ok. I know you won't use a lot of them though. I don't even use half of them for my 4 injector/3 coil setup. I'd guess you want red for +14v, black for GND, maybe green for AGND? If you don't care, that's even easier, just want to make sure.... Just post here what you want and the harness will begin to be made on Monday. by the way, I have plenty of ntc2k2's.

Frank - Current plan would be 8 feet. I have taken the circuit board layout, and tried to organize by color.
Econoseal 36pin

1. Blue (TPS)
2. Blue (MAT)
3. White (IDL)
4. Green (Drive 8)
5. Black (GND)
6. Red (INJ G)
7. Red (INJ A)
8. Red (INJ C)
9. Red (INJ E)
10. Green (Drive 7)
11. Green (Drive 4)
12. Green (Drive 5)

13. Blue (TRIG2 CON)
14. Blue (CLT)
15. White (FP)
16. Green (Drive 9)
17. Red (ING H)
18. Red (ING F)
19. Red (ING B)
20. Red (ING D)
21. Black (GND)
22. White (FLY)
23. White (FLY)
24. Green (Drive 6)

25. Red (BAT)
26. Black (GND)
27. Blue (TRIG1 CON)
28. White (HALL SUPPLY)
29. White (TPS SUPPLY)
30. Green (Drive 11)
31. Green (Drive 10)
32. Black (GND)
33. Green (Drive 1)
34. Green (Drive 2)
35. Green (Drive 0)
36. Green (Drive 3)

Econoseal 18pin

1. Blue (Nearest Cell2)
2. White (EBP)
3. Blue (Fuel Pressure)
4. Green (Step A)
5. Green (Step C)
6. White (Drive B)

7. Black (Pump -)
8. White (Pump2 +)
9. White (Pump1 +)
10. Green (Step B)
11. Green (Step D)
12. White (Drive A)

13. Blue (Nearest Cell1)
14. Blue (Blank)
15. Blue (Blank)
16. Blue (1-Wire)
17. Black (Heater2 -)
18. Black (Heater1 -)

Aug 30th, 2004 - 0615pm
With my goals above, it is quite obvious that I need to run sequential injection and a good ignition setup. I have a few options that I good go.

  1. Stock Distributor and Coil
  2. Ford EDIS (Currently have a custom 36-1 trigger wheel)
  3. Individual coils running to each plug

Q. I would love to hear other peoples opinions to help me find the best setup, including any help in the configuration to run that setup.

Aug 30th, 2004 - 0600pm
Purchased my GenBoard/VerThree today with all the bells and whisles. I forse lots of work for myself in the near future ;)

For Sale

I have the following items for sale

  1. Assembled v2 GenBoard
  2. Blank v2 GenBoard PCB
  3. One WideBand O2 kit (minus the sensor)