Ford Focus ST170 2004 2.0 16V - user Ishy

VVT system 2 camshafts or 1 ? PWM actuator ?

Does sectrig have exactly 1 pulse ?

  • or multiple pulses, in ... arrangement ?
  • At what positions ? (in crankdegrees,relative to primtrig tooth0 after missing tooth; with retarded cam)
  • is there any sectrig pulse very close, say -20 .. +60 crankdeg after tooth0 ? (if yes, effects configuration so good to know)


Injector resistance: 14.61 ohm

Wasted spark ignition system

The VVT system actuate only 1 camshaft, and it is PWM (if I know well, but I don't know anything about the pulses.

OK. VR / VR is enough info to order.

The exact pattern can be logged with triggerlog (will be needed for final sectrig and camshaft-angle-control configuration)