The car is an old Ford Fiesta with 650 kg starting weight, the motor is a 2.2 liters Ford Probe 4 cylinder turbo engine.

There was some confusing information about

Mechanical stuff

The modifications in the engine ara 4 H conecting rods and custom pistons, the motor is now 4 cylinder an 2,4 liters, for the first run we are keeping the stock turbo an later we will upgrade.

Trigger - works with VR now

I have made the wiring harness but first the car wouldn't start because of no primary trigger signals. (RPM = 0). It turned out ECU was ordered with HALL input. After changing to correct VR hw setup, the engine started to work (see below).

SJ2 opened SJ6 closed. (This is OK from primary trigger VR)

Wiring - Outputs


ec36 pin 35 cylinder 1

ec36 pin 34 cylinder 2

ec36 pin 36 cylinder 3

ec36 pin 33 cylinder 4


ec36 pin 7 cylinder 1

ec36 pin 19 cylinder 2

ec36 pin 8 cylinder 3

ec36 pin 20 cylinder 4

ec36 pin 15 fuel pump relay

Wiring - Inputs

Trigger details 60-2

For VR always use rising edge setting (not falling).

I will make an oscilloscope of my soundcard => GOOD !

We have changed the primary trigger wheel to another 60-2 tooth wheel but from a factory opel engine, now we have 230 rpm at cranking we will try to start the engine soon




We finally started the engine. First time we had trigger errors but some adjustments in the trigger settings and the engine started to work. The gearbox is isn't finished jet so we couldn't go to a test ride.

Trying to find what is missing


The engine wouldn't start now the spark is not there were I am

Does the engine start (as above), or not (as here) ? Please review this page and change / delete obsolete info.

I rewired the VR sensor with shielded cable I have trigger signs always but the ignition timing is still not correct. I checked all the settings and I will upload the new setting. I also tried the new 1.1.82 but the same problem is on.

"B" plan

The car original ignition was a 24+1 trible vr sensor but to use this I have to change the jumper settings in the vems but I have't find exact descripton of this it only says:

* for secondary trigger=VR (when not using the 3-sensor auditrigger), we recommend that EC36/13 is used as sectrig VR input. This way EC18/12 can be used for analog input (0-5V, sensitive mcp3208 input).

o The second LM1815 and the related blob at the bottom side under the FETs is needed.

* wether you order assembled or assemble yourself, read the recommended econoseal pins at [webshop page]

I would return thanks for any help with this.

What would you like to achieve ? Any symptoms you are not satisfied with ?

Just to have stable idle and running but i have achieved this already i have lots of practice of this the missing primery trigger was only a blind fold. But now it's clear i just want to the secondery triggers modification to get rid of wasted spark. Can you help with this????