So it's VR, with gaps:



Correct trigger drawings:


As you see, the trigger tooth is 70 deg BTDC. And there are two other tooth. So the trigger tooth must be the tooth that is approximately 30 degrees(and +/- some degrees hysteresis)distance after any other tooth. Unfortunately i didn't see the wheel myself. The guy who made the engine has took this photo, and the drawing. And i've checked it with him on phone. So i hope that the round direction is good.

Actually, this is the only arrangement and direction that makes sense: inter-tooth gaptimes of 60,90,30 degrees, and trigger-tooth being after the 30degrees gap.



firmware revision [1.0.27] (or newer required). MegaTune that matches 1.0.23 or even 1.0.19 should match. Just don't adjust primary_trigger variable from MegaTune (it could change for the bad), leave it alone after uploading the correct value from mtt file.

If you change anything from MegaTune, that is on the same page as primary_trigger, verify on LCD or mcd that primary_trigger variable is not screwed.

No change:

I commited a fiat-stilo stereo (primary 60,90,30 type + secondary 1 pulse) trigger wav-generator to firmware SVN. The wav-s are OK now (including header), but haven't had time to test it in operation.

As it turned out, the secondary trigger is not 1-pulse originally. Grinder was used to leave only one (big) tooth.

Unfortunately it didn't succeed, the config + setup will be investigated further.

Also, we plan to write code (+config) for the original camsync, which is roughly like 0V at (ATDC cyl1 crankdeg):

Here ara the OBSOLETE config files, and a "mde40" log during cranking made with terminal.




The crank trigger could be watch on the top of this site, and the CAM trigger rising edge is about 40 ATDC in crankdegrees. More info come soon.

We use 4 COP coils, connected into the Drive04-05-06-07 in order as cylinder 1-2-3-4

Finally we attached a 60-2 trigger wheel on the crank, and the car is running great now!

Here is the final config:

-Car: Fiat 1,8 HGT 130 hp stock

-Engine: DOHC, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, with variable intake camshaft by stock, but it's removed now. Race cams are used. And the cylinder head is ported.

-Exhaust: Custom made exhaust system with Supersprint exhaust manifold.

-Injectors: 320 cc/Min injectors. TRhey're hiZ, approx. 14 Ohm. I drive them sequentially.

-Fuel Pump: Stock.

-Ignition: AVR 3.3 with 4 COP coils. They are drived by 5V signals directly from the AVR.

-Idle control: No idle control valve. Throttle body is opened a little.

-Input trigger: 60-2 toothwheel on the crank and a single signal trigger wheel with Hall sensor on the CAM. Sequencial injection and ignition.

The up-to-date config files, engine powercurve and photos will come soon.