Nissan SR-20 DET engine, Nissan GTI-R, Pulsar in USA

2012-03-23, Nissan 360+4 trigger works perfectly now


Tried Nissantrigger on 6cyl Skyline GTS today. Worked perfectly.

Used configlet in VT 2012-06-29 and fw 1.2.0

Triggerangle ~120deg so need to adjust the CAS a bit (short of time). Original coils driven with +5v logic drive.

h2 table:







/ Erikk

"Nissantrigger 360+4" with 2,2,2,8 window-lengths

[config and triggerlog]

RPM fluctuation earlier was related to choosing wrong primary trigger edge.

primtrig scopeshot reveiled that rising edge must be used, the primtrig=hi window length must be measured

Now that proper specs (eg. primtrig polarity) was given for Nissan [1.1.99 2012-03-22] has firmware mod to apply for all known types of 360 sectrig-pulse nissan triggers.

Important: ignition output might have slipped one entry in 1.1.99 with the secignore mod (strobe would show immediately)

C103 consideration sectrig was traditionally low pulsecount, and C103=1nF might be an artificial HW frequency limit for 360 pulses

Fero, from your description it seems sectrig_maxrpm was set to higher than 6000 RPM ? Yes, it worked, but setting to higher than 3100 RPM probably gives no advantage.