1.1.90 First check & How to install the 2nd VR Trigger?

First check of Version 1.1.90 with Maserati option

I uploaded Version 1.1.90 on my genboard (SerialNumber = v3.3_n001201) bought in 2005.

The config file is 2011.04.22-19-58-49.vemscfg

VemsTune is 0.10.84 (2010.11.15)without the configlet Maserati Z012 and trigger play Z012. I was unable to find how to download the last April version.

Results by using my Maserati.biturbo.wav :

Then I remebered that my genboard was set for an Hall 2nd trigger when I boughjt it!

How to install the 2nd VR Trigger?

I have to install an LM1815 to get secondary VR trig.

I first followed the document named "Genboard v3 Official build and test guide" 2.2.5 and soldered the LM1815 component and as fixed the blob and the wire (appendix 4.1 on page 18).

I also check the GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerHardWare. But the 1st reference was simplier to follow as a start. This is what I got:



I should have also read check the sectrig options in [shop]

I did a short test to see if I can get a full start -> Bad: Same result than before.

|If you split your MembersPage/FPhil page thematically (see MembersPage/DavidBlades for a good example) and agree to continue documenting the wiring and config you use (also thematically) shop grants you an assembled ECU free-of-charge with VR/VR, write in the order comment "MembersPage/FPhil offer by Marcell 2011-04-29".

Vems note: Secondary trigger VR overview

The LM1815 circuit for the secondary trigger is same as for the primary trigger, which is built according to the LM1815 datasheet recommendations.

Since the sectrig pulsecount is lower (it never has to cope with the 135 tooth 10000 RPM auditrigger), higher capacitance can be applied in the filtering and the output timing circuit as well.

The LM1815 keeps the output pulled down to 0V, and releases for appr 50 usec (t=appr RC from R and C values) after the zero crossing negative-going edge on the input.

Vems note: VemsTune generated maserati trigger signal

In recent (eg. 2011-04-26) VemsTune, Tools/Play trigger, type in "z012" or "Z012"

The sound-card is often sensitive with low-toothcount signals. So with ECU connected, verify in Tools/Analyze Trigger that the signal seen by ECU is same. Might need to play with mixer volume. Also, disable any 3D effects !

Firmware 1.1.90 full start

After by unsuccessful test after the 2nd trig install Marcell noted:

- R182 on LM1815 pin7 was missing so the peak detector circuit for adaptive hysteresis was not connected,

- pin 5 should better be connected to the 5V pad (midpin of SJ4) in orde to set the LM1815 ine mode 2(arming threshold fixed at 200mv) and

- to solder a 1k pull down resistor from the input line to lower the line noise.

Also I realized that even doing so, this would not have made my 2nd VR trigger to work since I input the signal through EC38 pin!! Actually, it should be input from EC18 pin 12 since my board was ordered in 2005 with 2nd Trigger Hall.

Hereafter is what I finally done (May 6 2011):

!!On scope the pulse goes negative first then positive, it should be the reverse. Pulses for C004 signal are ok. (s -> NO START, -> START. ....
pin7PDC1.6M to GND ok
pin8VCC5V ok
pin12Ref. Pulse OUT0V!! KO
pin14RC TimingPulse is 5V-0V-5V ok
.... -> REF PULSE OUT = 0V Bad -> PULSE OK at the GATED OUTPUT !!! -> Ref Pulse OK,

-> Firmware 1.1.90 running with camsync enable on z012 or .WAV input signal!!

-> LEDs lightening when current driven through EC36 pin 11 or 12.

I did not have time to further on and to find the menus options to get proper firing for this odd fire coil type configuration.

May 22

I got the firmware running with the actual trigger pulses picked from the car.

I also noticed that the negative side of the cam pulse was shorted to -0.6V. This is not the case for the pulse generated by the .wav amp. The output impedance for the sensor is quite high: 600 Ohm and there should remain on the genboard some diode set from the 2nd trigger Hall input.

I only have a notebook from the 90's (256kB!!) and was only able to run MegaTune. Here after part of the log file:

I did not find from the Megatune doc what the engine code 141 means. 11 is for cranking, !? 13 is for running +warmup+TPSAccelEnrichment? !? ...

Anyway we can see that genboard starts to run while the engine is still cranking, which is a good point.

I feared that because genboard firmware 1.1.90 has to find out the smaller side between the 2 triggers to sync, - which means at least a full cycle of cranking, the genboard start would take too long. This is not the case.