Another issue in order to get Genboard managing the Biturbo would be to set 2xWBO2, one for each of the 2 engine banks: one for cylinder 1,2,3, the other for 4,5,6.

Is that possible, Any ideas ?

We have learnt on 2011-11-08 that :

"1.1.98 - .. both WBO2 channels are displayed in VemsTune (and captured in vemslog). when ordering assembled controller, request in order comment that both WBO2 channels are tested (otherwise some pins like heater2 might be used for other functions, like analog input channel).."

This is great, fantastic ! I am much happy with that!!

BUT, how do we work that out with a Vems not configured for dual wide band?


- I have finally fixed the two WBO2 sensors, one for each bank. I knew that the best spot for them would be near the turbos but it was much easier to fix them about the tranny, 60 cm off.

- I got a brand new Round WB02 to definitively anwer my dual wideband question ;).

- I tried to air calibrate the thing w/r air value. No luck the VT/tools/calibration otion stays inactive. After some time playing around, I understood that there is no need for that calibration since the resistance calibration of the sensor is send to Round. However I would be happy to check the open air measure but I do not know how to do so

- I then tried to calibrate Vems WBO2 from the same VT menu option. The thing stays heating for ever. Then I tried doing it from the terminal mode, asking for debug and listing mlp07 (wb02 values are no more on mlp04 wih 1.1.98 ??)

I got


Ri:0097 Nernst:03F7

Heat:B6 Pump:7A

AFR=19.03 ??.?

AFR=14.71 P ON

hence heating forever ....

- any way, for engine idling, the Round WB02 for the left bank gives lambda = 0.90 and Vems WB02 lambda = 0.88 for the right bank. Swapping the 2 controllers, I still get 9.00 on the left and 0.88. I am happy with that.

-> there is a big benefit to have 2 controllers !!! ;)