4.5 years ago (!) when I first bought the VEMS 3.3, I had some project for my Volvo 850.

Since then I had a Maserati biturbo and so I was more involved during my spare time with mechanics than with electronics or software. Hopefully the car is 200km from where I live !


This car is 6 cylinders odd fire, sequence for ignition is 150-90-150-90-150-90. Triggers are 6 pins (30-90-30-90-30-90) on crank pulley, 2 pins on cam pulley 25 apart.

There are 2 ECUS: one Microplex Marelli for injection and one IAW Weber Marelli for injection.

For distributorless biturbos starting MY 1994 the cars were equipped by Maserati with 2 ECUS, each one managing injection and ignition for each 3 cylinders bank which are then even fire. The triggers for each ecu where 3 teeth on crank and 1 tooth on cam.

Some information about the ignition and injection system from Enrico's site

As you can see the Ignition ECU interface is quite simple:

see also the ESjaavik's Maserati page MembersPage/ESjaavik and MembersPage/FPhil/CoilTypeOddFireConfig


I made a .wav file for testing

Q Does anyone know if Vems firmware is able to track this profile?

AThis is great, Marcell has opened a new odd fire 6 cylinders page !! ;)"

What do I aim first?

Could you contact me by email Phil? You'll find the address on my page. MembersPage/ESjaavik .