I'm in need of support for the standard trigger on Nissan 350z

It has dual cam control (vanos-like)

Will do some more research these upcoming days about the output requirements for the camshaft control.

Attached is a picture of triggerpattern for this engine ( only crank and the two inlet sensors, will look at how the exhaust sides looks like).

Is it possible to get functioning?

I guess theres only need for measuring one Inlet and one exhaust cam?

12-2 pattern every 120 degrees (normal tooth width = 10 crankdeg).


"Play trigger" signal-pattern implemented (for benchtests) in vemstune (> 2013-02-15) under name "m066".

The sectrig with 36-2 primtrig seems to be fully supported (using secignore for sectrig, and measure_tooth settings for trigger), but with those 3 gaps it would need separate implementation

We sent in an advanced ETC controller (STM ARM processor based bridge output, + IO extender, + SD card logger with RTC, + CAN + lotsof other interesting things) for PCB manufacturing (should ship in March)

Sounds perfect! When is first test scheduled ?