This is a Porsche 944 Turbo that ive been installing a VEMS 3.6 in. The porsche is going to be used in Porsche Cup Scandinavia


Engine is 2,5liter 4cyl with a slightly larger turbo than stock (KX400 from Turboservice, built on some KKK-model, speced to 400hp)

Vems specs:

Simpletrigger with 2-Point trigger on the crankshaft and a camsync on the cam, using the Honeywell 1GT101-sensor for both.

COP using VAG-Coils driven by the Stepper outputs.

Im using firmware 1.1.70 with VEMSTune-2010-03-08.

First fully tuned on the street, then we went to PBZ to run it in their Rototest. (Crazy day, snowstorm)


As hes only allowed ~300 crankhp, we did two configs, one with 250whp from 4500rpm to 7000rpm with a peak at 270whp, 1,5bar boost at 4500rpm - 1bar at 6000rpm and 1,5bar again at revlimit @ 7000rpm.

and one config with 310whp - 1,5bar constantly


When we got home, some snow had fallen from the sky.