Sensor page for MembersPage/EricN

I have decided to try using Honda sensors because A, I am a Honda Tech and have an abundance of conectors and sensors laying around, B, I am trying to convince my buddy to convert his CRX over but he isnt confident that it will work. This should help ease him.

TPS - Honda anything, going to try and remote mount the sensor so it is not visible on the throttle body. Will leave the first one on the throttle body when trying to setup the second to make sure they read the same throughout the throttle range.

CLT - Honda Civic,

MAT - Honda Civic,

I have measured most generations of Honda vehicles, they all use the same type of sensor for air and coolant temp, just different mounting styles. They seem to be compatible (when connected to MegaTune, they read the correct ambient temp). I have yet to get the vehicle running yet to confirm any problems.

Honda MAP sensor

With the honda sensor, if I set the MAP range range to around 160 KPA, I get it right. (104kPa at sea level). The Honda sensor still read in a linear fashion, so this is perfect. You shouldn't worry about proper MAP-range being 160 kPa (config.kpaoffs=50, that is decimal 80). This means the sensor slope is 5V/160kPa, it is a charactersitics of the sensor. Values near 102, 246 and 390 are often used for sensors (GM 104 kPa, Motorola 250 and 400 kPa respectively). The fact that your sensor will never see >104 kPa pressure does not effect the slope of the sensor.

Maybe MAP-range in MegaTune should be renamed to MAP-slope ? Or MAP-range(slope).

Anyway, gave up on the Honda map sensor and went with a GM one. Way less hassle, everything works the way it should now.