Display on mlp01:

RPM:0000 W00SFFI00
99 -00 c0000 i0000 
clt: 76c  adv:05
0768 iac:080 000

Definitions of mlp01 from lcd_display.c :

PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_10[] PROGMEM = { lcd_rpmstr, lcd_rpm_true_4char, lcd_space, lcd_W, lcd_S, lcd_I, LINEEND1
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_11[] PROGMEM = { mik_lineA, mik_lineB, LINEEND1 };
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_12[] PROGMEM = { lcd_coolantstr, lcd_coolant, lcd_2space, lcd_advstr, lcd_adv, LINEEND1 }
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_13[] PROGMEM = { lcd_pw, lcd_space, lcd_iacstr, lcd_iacpos, lcd_idlerpm, lcd_space, LINEE
ND2 };

the first one on the last line?

What is the 2nd line variables that are being displayed

Nothing to worry about here