Ignition (output, ignadv and dwell) page for MembersPage/EricN

Note that trigger is on MembersPage/EricN/Trigger

Even-fire 6-cyl

using 6 LS1 coil near plug ignition transformers

This is what I know so far: 4 wires per coil

Factory look is eventually the goal, but for now, I want to practice on this engine the same setup that will be in my racecar when it is actually built, then I will revert back to more simplistic setup.

We usually use ignition channel 2 and 5 for these (recent tradition, that assembled ECMs are setup with ign channel 2 and 5 this way unless ECM goes for V8 with COP: very handy when IgnitionPage/TransformerWithAmplifier is to be used), you need 4 more logiclevel channels (for total 6).

MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap also uses similar logic-level ign setup for IgnitionPage/TransformerWithAmplifier

Ignition sequence

The matching channels found on GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table

(remember h[2] is traversed backwards]

h[2]=05 0A 05 0A 05 0A 05 0A

Trigger - for LS1 ignition transformers

I have measured the trigger signal: (originally measured it as dwell but now realize that I can't measure dwell, it is not accessible.

How to output a logic-level ignition signal

Use the same driver as the original IGBT is driven from, just solder a jumper wire in place of the IGBT (don't solder IGBT for given channels), between the gate and drain the 2 pins closest to the EC36 connector, and use ign_out=70 in your config /Emil

I connected a coil just to see if all works.

While my 2 year old turned my "engine" over (drill on a modified distributer) I would change the dwell in MegaTune while measuring the voltage at the trigger signal with a scope. The voltage "on" time is basically exactly half of what I set it to in MegaTune. Is this normal?? I expected them to be the same.

I assume there is no simple way to vary the trigger "on" time with RPM so I played with the various settings. To get 5.5 ms I set dwell to 11, very violent spark, don't expect the coils or plugs to last that long at that setting. Set it to 1 ms (2 in megatune) and the spark is ok, will jump a gap of about 1/2 inch, didnt push it any further for fear of arcing to the ecu. Set it to 3 ms and the spark "looks" about right.