P259 dead from a broken gnd wire.

P259 likely dead, pulling internal 5V supply shared by P259 and the LM1815 (VR trigger chip) down - preventing triggering

From the symptoms, and the fact that GND was ripped for some time, this is likely.

To confirm this, after disassembling, power up the device (don't forget all GND and GND5 connections) and measure the LM1815 supply (pin8 should measure +5V from measured from GND). Maybe removing only endplate allows this measurement (especially easy if no MAP sensor).

Tried to start the truck the other day

Ecu cuts out spark, injectors and fuel pump for a split second.

Problem Description

At any rpm, (tested up to 4000), I loose ignition, fuel pump and fuel injector activity for a very brief split second. Feels like I have shut the board off and on again super fast. Megatune log shows rpm drop to 0 during most of the events but not all seem to get recorded. Megatune shows no resets. With the board out of the truck and on the test bench, fault is the same. For the rest of this page, assume the readings and observations are all off the test bench with nothing but the fuel pump relay and input trigger connected. There are no ign coils, no injectors, no wb02, no idle solenoid, no sensors, nothing is hooked up.


Turned out to be configuration related: "Engine off delay = 00" (instead of 01 or higher)

Changed to 02 and installed in truck. Runs perfect now.

Trying to log and read my input trigger using the mde40 command.

1. In the terminal program click "start log" selected the file name as the default "terminal".

2. Type Man then mde40.

3. Start spinning trigger wheel, odd looking characters and symbols start running across the Terminal program screen.

4. Stop spinning trigger wheel, click "end log" in terminal program.

need to run perl bin/ < toothtimes.bin > toothtimes.txt

but I just get a message saying cant find file: which file ? If you saved to terminal.log, use terminal.log not toothtimes.bin !

I substitute all the "toothtimes" text for "terminal" but get the same message.

watch out for the extension. Turn on "view extension" otherwise it's easy to make files like whatever.bin.log or similar. Verify with dir command before you run the perl bin/....

why don't you upload terminal.log (file manager at DocsPage bottom)? We can easily format it for you and check how it goes

I navigate to that folder through the command prompt, and type it again, it still says it cant find the file.

I have saved the log file in the file thingy under EricN??>terminal.log

I now get an error that says "cannot open perl script "bin/": No such file or directory. I do end up with a file called toothtimes.txt but it is empty.

do it from the right directory (same dir as the firmware). Search for (and go up one dir so bin/ will work)

See the terminal.log below: perl /svn/firmware/firmware/trunk/bin/ <terminal.log >terminal.txt

the terminal.log file is in the file thingy, under EricN??. I try and click it to attach the link but it just opens as a file with all the garbled characters