Nissan CA18DET trigger problem.

I have a project with a OEM nissan CAS that does not woth with any of the trigger presets.

Its the as with the misubishi logo on it.

I have run both Sr20 and RB engines with oem disks with the newer firmwares, why is the CA not implemented? Do is have de same disk as one of the others? SR or EVO?

We get RPM signal on Both SR 8-2-2-2 and 16-2-4-8 and EVO preset.

On 16-2-4-8 we do get spark but it fires 2 times fast after each other then noting.. then 2 more fast, and round it goes.

We cant get it to TDC, its about 90 degrees off and the ignition output tabel seems t have no effekt at all.

On the EVO precet we get RPM reading, about 180, but no spark at all.

Please advice of what the problem might be, what type is the disk? EVO or SR or not implemented at all?

Hello Engdahl,

Please start with the basics, connect and setup your Nissan trigger as follows:

If you have any further questions are problem starting after that, please make a sharing report containing both triggerlogs (safe mode with prim and sectrig), triggerlog after longest window calibration and a short vemslog of the cranking sequence. I'll review and come back to you with my findings.

Best regards, Dave