The car has been running nicely, unfortunately the headgasket is blown, maybe got too much beating from the boostcontroller tests or something, car is parked for a few weeks now. The engine will be completely rebuilt, with new rings, bearings, gaskets... We are planning to maybe install the VAG active COP-coils tomorrow

I want to use the IGBTs+pullup resistors, does anyone have ideas of values? Please have a look at IgnitionPage/COP

Also going to test miscout as a stoneage boostcontrol, I've talked to a guy that had luck using a oilpressure-connector to control a boostsolenoid..


Tested BoostController, had no luck at all .. All the boost solenoids are on/off type, and the code is for linear PWM'able valves. Do you have info on the valve's favorite freq for PWMing ? Should freq depend on duty?

The car has survived 2 days now, with only a quick tuning drive..

Cold start was no problem at -10C

When we get a new WBO2 sensor, we'll do some ve-learning..and look over the ignition table


Started it tonight, idle was a bit unstable, did no tuning at all.. We swapped back to the stock ECU and will try more tomorrow

[config.txt] [tables.txt] [other files]

Only idled for a few minutes and tried to rev a little.. seemed to work fine.. Only problem so far is that idle control was really unstable.. between 500 and 1800rpm.. Also, with a boostcontrol channel configured, the solenoid was pulseing all the time.. even with engine switched off.. What have i done wrong in config?

info about the idle-control HW-setup

Isn't the actuator configured inverse ? Intent is air-based idle or ignition-advance based or both?

  • Both air-based and ignadv-based, the IAC PWM Valve is listed on the IdleControl/HardwareFaq , Bosch 0280 140 516.. Seems to work best with INJFET_7, not INJFETi_7 :-))

This is typical behaviour, when I and D parameters are too high. You can start with minimal D or even D=0 value.

Decrease the I and/or integral_limit to 1/2 of current value and play a bit with the P.