KTM LC8 engine. 4-stroke, 75-degree V2, odd-fire. 950/990cc

EFI version has 24-2 crank trigger. No camshaft sensor.

TDC info needed (here)

It`s hill-climb motorcycle and race is very soon!

[KTM LC8 engine repair manual]



Special trigger tooth reference table ?

Hello Elbe,

Please create a sharing report containing your current config (vemscfg) and triggerlog of engine cranking 8-10 seconds without ignition and injection fuse and i'll take a look at what is required to get it working.

Best regards Vems Dave

Thanks! I will do it tomorrow.

I found shorter triggerlog file:


Dave, was it helpful or I have to get longer trigger log?

Hello Elbe

Sorry i missed your edit (it helps if you provide a bit more text in the summary of change box so it stands out, just "edit" is easily missed)

According to my review the engine should be able to run without any firmware mods; the longer triggerlog without IGN and INJ fuse should provide a bit more info on this, please keep spark plugs in the engine so i can see compression phases also.

Review of triggerlog KTM_lc8_24minus2.triggerlog:

If you run into any trouble please let me know and supply new triggerlog + vemslog; I'll review and provide hints on how to proceed.

Best regards, Dave


Is this error normal? I can try these settings on bike in one hour.

Reference tooth:

0 - 14

1 - 19

Next trigger tooth = 19 (is it correct?)

Next trigger tooth = 3 Marcell thinks would sound better, see below


Hello Elbe,

It seems you misunderstood my instructions, do not adjust anything from "Config_KTM_LC8.vemscfg" so start from your original config and only change delaying the second ign index using the spark delay function in base setup -> cyl separated spark delay, around 45 deg

Best regards, Dave

Dave, I need cylinder separated delay approx 75-degrees. At the moment 63.75 is maximum (63.75 degrees of delay is close but not enough: actually more than enough with good strategy). Otherwise it should work.

Marcell's A x x B x x x x next_trigger tooth=3 proposal (assuming near 135..140 and 220..225 degrees between events):


I tried settings like this:



I see 300-700 revs when cranking

Hello Elbe,

I made an updated config based on Marcell's recommendations for you, please upload this to your ecu.


This should result in a triggerlog looking like this:


As you see they line up with ktm lc8 v3 tdc quite nicely, use spark delay to correct the minor offset if needed.

If you run into any trouble provide vemscfg (not screenshots) and triggerlog and i'll review and make suggestions.

Best regards, Dave

Thanks! Seems it`s working. What about injector settings? Same as in your config?

Yes those should be good, divider = 4 means 1 injection per injector per 2 crank revelations normal for a 4 stroke engine (divider = 4 because of the cheated higher cylinder number).

Best regards, Dave