Planning on using VEMS to control ignition only on a [b230 Volvo 4cyl engine].

Fuel is delivered by two StrÝmberg carburettors and an additional mechanical on/off valve injecting fuel in the plenum when turbo pressure reaches 0.8 bar. Current setup gave 350 hp at the wheels messured with a G-tech pro performance meter.

The standard ignition system is probable too simple and I would be far better of with VEMS controlling it by map and rpm.

As I have little knowledge how to program and set the right parameters I hope someone could help me. I have a complete V3.3 with everything mounted. I want to have it completely simple as a start. Only map and crank sensors, no tps or water/inlet temps or anything.


Standard distributor with HALL sensor

Remember that if you have 1-pulses per event coil type trigger, you'll need camsync (or use a distributor and 1 ign-channel). GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerCamSync This is more problematic (especially for someone getting familiar with the system), so a 60-2 or 36-1 or 24-1 or whatever multitooth wheel is often mounted on the crank and wasted spark is applied. This has proved to be a very good path, and gives (better performance through) the additional gains of precise time from crank (instead of cam). You can later use the cam transmitter (with 1 window instead of 4) as camsync (besides the 60-2 signal) if you absolutely want COP.

Any suggestions or anything is deeply appreciated! Thanks