Trying to figure out how to configure VEMS variables.

  • MegaTune. Documentation is scarce, some Wiki pages even suggest it is not fully working with GenBoard3. It did install & run on my PC. If it can be used remains to see.
  • This is your choice, works with 99% of all settings. look for the package mt-r027, contains matching firmware and megatune profile //Emil
  • MegaTunix. About the same as MegaTune. Also I can find sources for 0.7.10, but ready to run version only 0.7.0. So I have to figure out how I can build 0.7.10. Or maybe running 0.7.0 is OK?
  • LCD Maybe the easiest, as there is no need to find my way through the previous 2.

It seems the megaTun* programs are made for MegaSquirt, and interface to GenBoard is only partly done. I'll try to figure that out when I get the board.

It seems I can leave the crossword puzzles alone this christmas. VEMS supplies me with enough brain gymnastics. It seems this thing is going to take time.

Wiki pages: They remind me of the old (first?) computer game "Dungeons". It's a 3D grid of places where some are connected, others not. Suddenly you find yourself back at some place you were before. And finding the best path to the Gold Treasure (in this case the instruction on what to do), is very difficult. Also many WikiPages have contradictory statements, and it is difficult or impossible to evaluate which is true as there is no hint as to who wrote what and when. OK there's the "View document history", but how difficult are we going to make this.

Thanks Emil for your input. And I'm glad to see it, as it is the one that looks most convenient as long as it works OK. So I will look further into MegaTunix, at least for now.


16/12/05 ESj

Still trying to get a grasp on what GenBoardV3 can do, and how it does it. To my horror I see some things mentioned that in my opinion have no place in an engine management system. Example: GPS! OK, I can relate to the desire for features, but please!!! An engine management system is a crucial component in the car, and to a great extent also affect safety. If features having nothing with engine management is getting in there, I hope this project have some people with the power and common sense to keep such stuff out. I cannot see why it should interest the engine where it is!