Ski, Norway.

It would be nice if everyone gave a hint where they are located.


Microcontrollers and Realtime programming since 1984. Mostly support and making hardware drivers.

Have used AVR and WinAVR in a couple of recent projects at work.

Schematics and board layout.


Alfa GTV 2.0TS. I think I'll leave this with the brain it has. ;)

Alfa Spider 1963.

Volvo 780 Bertone.

Maserati Biturbo Spyder.

  • Original ECU: Magneti Marelli IAW.
  • It has a 2800cc 90 degree V6 engine with 2 turbo units (surprize!).
  • One IHI RHB50 for each cylinder bank.
  • The MM-IAW use separate injection and ignition ECU's.
  • The boost control solenoid is controlled by the ignition ECU (Check) to a 0,7bar overpressure.
  • Both ECU's are based on MC6801 + MC1442 (ADC) + MC6840 (Timer/Counter).
  • Knock sensor located between cylinder banks, goes through HPF made up of LM2902 with gated output to ADC.
  • It has an absolute air pressure sensor built into one of the ECU's (Check which of them).
  • It uses 2 coils going into a distributor using a rotor with 2 separate fingers. They fire in succession.
  • It has one crank sensor on the front with 6 unevenly spaced tabs on the pulley to time the events, and one cam sensor on the right camshaft to phase the spark events.
  • The injection ECU has one analog channel for the Throttle Position Pot, and one input from the AC signalling when the compressor is enabled.
Anything else I should mention? Just ask! I know the car and engine fairly well.

This engine is presently not in the car. It now runs with a 2500cc pressurized carb system. The 2800 is in pieces that are planned to come together this winter. Besides cleaning up ports and valve pockets, it is standard. There should be no reason to do anything internally. There are AFAIK only 2 common reasons for it to blow up: bad maintenance or not properly assembled. There is probably no sensible reason to not use the MM-IAW, but then I'm known not always to make sense. ;)



I have moved Maserati engine VEMS adaption here: MembersPage/ESjaavik/Maserati

"valet switch" - thinking



It seems that due to the not implemented odd-fire code, my first install will be in a 4cyl Volvo TIC, as I have access to one engine that can be used on a test stand and an identical engine in a 240. (Yes, valet switch wanted. Car Owner Junior already busted 4 gearboxes in his own car. ;-)

The Alfa 2.0TS is no longer mine.

A couple of weeks ago I bought another Maserati. This time a Coupé with 2.5l injection engine.

So now I will pick this up again, as I have an engine to make measurements of the original ignition and injection ECU's. It also seems that odd fire now may be supported. So I may dust off the Vems and see if it can be used.



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