I have Genboard 3.6 (ser 2662), using 1.1.81 (haven't gotten a chance to upgrade) and always the latest VEMSTune - currently Feb 24 2011. BMW S52 running full sequential, being built for turbocharging.

Current firmware does not support entering injector deadtime. This has already been implemented by Andrey in his private build, and the public VEMSTune build supports it.

The deadtime table is a set of time intervals, specified for a range of voltages, that the injector takes to open after receiving the signal. This is usually a 5 row table, from 8 to 16 volts in increments of two.

Sample table (from the released VEMSTune! set CompileOptions? to 00000060)


Here is a discussion of the feature, with strong support from other users desiring to have this:,1615.0.html

There is also a video from Andrey, a VEMS developer, who has had this working in his private build for about a year:

He mentions it on his member's page:

"I use sometimes simple injector deadtime table instead injector opening model (INJECTOR_DEADTIME_SIMPLE in my_make)"