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Planning on converting my N/A BMW 87 325is to VEMS. Purchased the parts early December. Hope to have working system sometime mid Jan 2006.

Similar engines: maybe a page could be created for the 6cyl club ?

There is about 15 more "BMW" on MembersPage, but many I know are in early phase of the install.


Finally received all the VEMS stuff I ordered:

1 x Wideband O2 sensor

1 x Hall Sensor - Unipolar

1 x Temperature sensor

1 x Wideband connector

- With wire: with crimped wires

1 x 250kPa MAP sensor

- Model: MPX4250AP

1 x Assembled v3.3 controller

- primary_trigger: VR

- secondary_trigger: HALL

- PowerFlyback?: yes

- ignition driver: 6+2

- Knock and EGT: yes

- LCD and PS2: yes

- MAP connection: offboard(electronic)

1 x LCD4x20

- Color: green

1 x Econoseal36-harness

1 x Econoseal18-harness

In the past couple days I mapped out most of my basic wiring, and the BMW stock wiring. I am planning on making a harness to link into existing sensors. I am then going to have a 2nd harness for all the new stuff I will need. The main reason for this is so I can return the car to stock computer if needed. Think this is the safest plan for my 1st setup. Even if it might make things a bit more complex then required on the wiring part of things.

Tonight I made up my DB9 cable to the computer and DB9 to LCD.


Finally got the rest of the required fuses and wiring to get the box started up. So far so good. After a bit more wiring with the LCD I was able to get it to display and with backlight. Will have to make nice case for it now.

Serial communication works good thru my USB adapter. Temp hooked up temp sensor to check out the readings, seem about right.

Now probably want to flash to newer firmware and calibrate the WBO2.


Copied code changes from Lezsak BMW idle control code to r23 firmware and compiled it. Flashed the VEMS with new firmware, all seems well.

Link to Firmwarepage MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/IdleControl/Firmware