Returning Vems ECU v3/1441 for test and repair for the second time.  This ecu was sent back a few weeks ago for test.  The ecu is used on an audi UR Quattro with ABY style loom and engine.  The ECU has the following problems => Gut replacement because of 3d issue


1.       There is no cam-hall inverter.  PLEASE fit cam hall inverter.

2.       The ecu is setup for a 1.8T Inlet air temperature sensor.  PLEASE add strong MAT pullup for a standard (PTC type) ABY MAT sensor. 3.       The next problem is a major one.  This ecu seems to “crash” when the ignition is turned on some times.  It can be ok for a few days and then crash twice in a row.  What happens is that when the ignition is turned on normally the fuel pump runs for 1-2 seconds and this is normal.  When the ECU “crashes” the fuel pump will sometimes not run at all , or run constantly.  When this happens I cannot access the ecu with Vems tune.  The only way to recover the ECU is to force the ECU into bootloader by joining pins 2-3 on the RS232 connection.  Then I upload the firmware and the config and all is ok for a time again.  This can leave the car stuck when it happens and the laptop battery is low.  I have tried checking ALL connections and especially power and ground, and made some new connections via a new relay but still the problems exist.  As this fault is temperamental and intermittent, if a fault cannot be found then I would like a complete new main board installed.  I have another VEMS ecu and it does not give this problem when connected to this car.

4.       The wideband lambda would not work on 2 known good sensors.  I had used an ignition feed from the same relay that powers the ECU to feed the wideband as the diagram shows, but it wouldn’t work until I also connected 12v to the ecu VIA the wideband pin on the ecu wideband plug.  Is this normal?  Problem 3 above only started I think once I did this to make the wideband to work.

Weird indeed


As you can see I have had many problems with this ECU and need the ECU to be returned ASAP fully tested and with all the above faults and problems resolved. 


Thanks Des.