TEC2 operation

Trigger: a 60-2 trigger wheel on the crank.

Timing light it fires on the 11th tootth (but are you sure the ignition and timing light is configured to fire at TDC? ). Pretty sure. when setting the ignition table to 12 advance at TDC and setting the timing light to 12 degrees advance it reads TDC on the crank wheel.

It uses a Magentic pickup (VR) sensor and a metal trigger wheel:


Output side

It uses a GM coil pack (with internal ignition amplifier maybe?) to deliver spark to the cyclinders. It's a wasted spark setup.

TEC2 has 14 terminals for engine operation. All ground wires for the sensors and functions are ran through the Two S GND terminals. (that why I asked about the ground connectors for Genboard and if they where grounded through the genboard).


On the Output side it has the fuel pump, General Purpose output, Switch battery (key ignition), knock, tach output, and injectors. The way the tec2 is setup in the scirocco 16v is that it uses Injector banks 1 and 2. Bank 1 is 1&4cyclinder injectors and Bank 2 is 2&3 injector. INJCOM is the 12v signal. Tec2 can run both low and high impedence injectors without problems. It doesn't have setting for flyback or anything: you can just hook a set of injectors up and it won't care as long as all are the same. This is clearly inferior as it is good practice to have a fuse for the ECU supply while there must be NO fuse in the flyback path (and flyback to GND is less efficient).

It has a Big red wire for battery and Black wire for negative that goes straight to the battery its the red and black wires comin gout of the side of the unit.


Here is the wiring digram of Tec 2. As you see you can tell how tec2 is wiring up to be a user friendly wire up being everything is labeled. My second attempt to get geboard to read the vr sensor I tried to use the vr+ sensor from genboard and connect it to the MAG PU wire and left all the ground wires connected to tec 2. genboard couldn't pick up the signal. hoping to try to use dave and marcel config to see if theres will work before I deside to go distributor.