Step by Step for

here is a step by step toget to work on a windows based computer.

1. Get the latest firmware.

2. Get the latest version of Perl [Perl site]

3. After you ahve the latest version of Perl you need two files got it so it can be able to upload firmware to Genboard.

a. [Win32 API]

b. [Serial Port 0-19]

4. unzip the files into a folder

5. use Microsoft Command Prompt to go to the folder that the above files are located at and enter this command: ppm install Win32-API.ppd

6. After files installed. its now time to install serial port files. to install these files go to where the files are located at and double-click makefile.

7. after the test and install appear. double-click test.

8. after the test is ran double-click install.

9. if all goes right your box should be setup properly to be able to upload firmware with

Step-By-Step to install Firmware using

1. Got to where firmware is and type in perl bin/ vems.hex :COMn Etwf - replace n with the number of the serial port that you've connected VEMS to.

2. messages will show as the firmware is being uploaded.

3. congrats you have just successfully installed and upload firmware.