Questions and Answers

Q: Can GenBoard/VerThree use the 11th tooth as TDC?  
A: Yes. set trigger_tooth=0 and ign_tdcdelay to 77 degrees.

Q:  Can I use my magnetic pick up sensor on Genboard? VR? 
A:  yes. The LM1815 chips are just for that. One of 2 chips is soldered in the automated assembly (enough in 98% of cases).
Normal shipping time for genboard is 2..3 weeks, but there is a 2 weeks option.

Q: why is there a 5A fuse on a lot of the wiring digrams for the wideband sensor on the site?
A: the fuse is for protection.  in case of a short you blow a fuse instead of a driver or pcb.

Q: is the fully assembed version of genboard is it setup to run low impedence injectors and high impedence flyback?  from the picture on the site it looks like I have to solder the doide on.  I runinng low impedence #52lb injectors
A: yes 0.7V + 0.7V flyback by default, good for lowZ or highZ (FETdrivers and PWMing stuff all included)

Q: I looked at the wiring for genboard to PC connection and have two questions.
  1. Q: on other engine managements when hooking up from unit to PC you have to jump pins7 and 8 together on the serial connector side.  do you have to do this with genboard? It might be something about the terminal-program. 
     A: I never do this, only connect GND + RX + TX (and use terminal in "no flow-control" mode.

Q: EC18-14 and EC18-15 can be used as the RX and TX? Yes, this is common: GenBoard/Manual/CommConfiguration. Maybe yours will be the first to ship (hopefully on monday) with DB25 + DB9 endplate (test-batch just ready) that makes LCD + PS2 + other non-essential connections easier. In that case, comm can be on 2 pins there. 34 extra connections can never hurt, right ?

A: There are many tach-outputs, see GenBoard/Manual/Config/HwMap
Possible to use a 1.5W 0.05 Ohm series resistor with the coil 14V supply like [ this unit does] but there are other options to measure tach. The series resistor is good for measuring spark power, useful when configuring dwell,see DwellControlIgnition

Q: Does the assembled Genboard v3.2 have wideband already enabled in Firmware?
A: Yes.  since wideband is enabled in thery the only thing that need to be done for the end-user is Make a tables and config file and convert it to a mtt file.  then upload it to genboard. 

Q: ok if the genboard file to run megatune doesn't work.  how am I suppose to setup and tune the genboard? when I have everythign set up and I hit the crank wheel with a timing light and I need to adjust the setting so I have make a new config file and re upload it to genboard?  Is there a program to tune genboard like Megatune

Although currently somewhat harder to install, MegaTunix is the upcoming software. 
I used megatune 2.16b to set up cranking pulsewidth (warmup wizard) and basic tables. It should connect (make sure to leave "Man" mode with "bye" command before trying to run MegaTune!), but I think only displaying of VE 3D map and runtime display is useful.

However the fastest way is from direct keyboard and LCD, the mtt menu, especially for config:
in the mtt menu
* c goes to the 'config' (instead of j/n/h/... for tables),
* q / y increase, decrease a value, 
* left - right, up - down arrow walks in the table
* g.. jumps to new location immediately. eg.
** gc2 to trigger_tooth
** g02 to cwl (low temp cranking pulsewidth)
** etc... see varstr.h and magicstr.h (variable names and descriptions) of your firmware (global.h dependent, it's the positions of config_t elements!)
* don't forget to save to EEPROM via mcs
* and sometime backup to PC mcd.txt via mcd command and copying the answer in TerminalProgram
* leave "Man" mode with "bye" command before trying to run MegaTune.

Editing the config.txt, make mtt and uploading every time would take long. Practice the mtt menu a little without engine running / cranking (preferrably on table) and make a cheatsheet (of most interesting variables that you want to tweak - usually just 3..6 variables at a time) if that helps.
Good luck! 

Q: can the keyboard commands be enter throught a laptop in terminal?  instaed of a keyboard being connected to the keyboard pins? by commands i mean the commands from the reference card.
A: yes just enter them through terminal.

Q: I lost my 2.5 Bar map sensor. How did you do that? Maybe you wired counting from pin6 instead of pin1 ? The sensor might survive that for some time.
I have a Gm 3 bar map sensor.  I'm going to start installing Genboard tomorrow so can I use the 3 bar Map sesnor instead of the 2.5 for right now and put the 2.5 in when I order a new one?  
A: The 3 bar is easy to use, just use ''config.kpafac=96'' (decimal 150, which is 300kPa). My maxium boost is set to 15psi.

Q:  how do I setup genboard to monitior the 5 wire wideband sensor without a trigger signal?  Do I need to have a LCD and keyboard install?  or can I just hack Megatune or megatunix to do it? I know if I type in "mde02" into the terminal it turns on the wideband but I can't view the wideband reading in any of the tuning programs.
A: You could't see the readings, because the wbo2 reads the O2 of the free air, and that much O2 doesn't displayable on the gauges. It displayes only the LCD. On the page 07(WBO2 page), in percent(%).

Q: Have some information about how to get MT working for everyone.  don't know if it will work or not but noticed it and thought I would post it.  well I noticed in MT with MS-I on SET in settings whe you look in constants its reads the right setting  for PWM and the engine but other setting are off through out the menus.  but when I UNSET MS-I to GENBOARD the setting are off.  I think if someone knows code and can look through the settings and config MT to work right with Genboard. 

New questions:

Q: whats is the setup for #52lb low impedence injectors with 2.4ohms?

A: We currently recommend applying resistor packs to bring them upto highZ standard impedence, pwm-ing lowZ injectors has caused some problems (due to gnd5 currents) in the past, after that normal highZ configuration applies, 25.5 ms peaktime, no pwm-ing

Q: how do I setup the injector outputs in MT for 4 injectors?  I want to use A,B,C,D?

A: In megatune, settings -> injector outputs, fill positions 0-3 with 1 - 2 -4 -8, in settings -> injector settings -> alternate banks from h[0]; select 3..0

Q: How do you set up coolant bins?  I'm runnig a VW stock coolant tempature sensor

A: i assume you are referring to the cltfactor table for your sensor ? Measure its resistance at 25 deg celcius (approx) than look at the closest match from the provided reference tables (tools\ntc_airX_cltfactor folder), than run tempsensor_upload.bat with the appropriate measurements as parameters.

Q: injector opening times.  what would my setting me in MT for injector settings?

A: that depends on your injectors, if you dont have any reference data its safe to start at injec_open = inj_close = 0

Q:  I'm runnig a dodge neon coil pack 3 pin.  what would my dwell and setting be?

A: smae applies here, check the datasheets for your coilpack, or search for reference data on the internet (if its a wasted spark coilpack, 2.5mS should at least get you started, but check anyway)


A 60-2 crankwheel

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