Tried installing Genboard January 9 and couldn't get it to start. Was my fault not genboards.

Going to reinstall it and go one step at a time this time.

Step 1: Plans are installing genboard as a Wideband stand alone unit and going from there. Going to remove my 4 wire Narrowband sensor and install the wideband 5 wire sensor with genboard. Going to set my Electromotive Tec 2 unit to open loop and look at the 02 reading through genboard.

Step 2: after that is up and operational I'm going to wire in the distributor and test to see if Genboard getts a signal and RPM reading from it. Plus have to see if GRM racer will trade me a distributor and coil for a T3 turbo and and gauge cluster.

Step 3: After verifation and testing is done to verify that the genboard is reading the Distributor properly with a timing light. I'm going to install the Fuel injector harness so that genboard can control my #52lb low impedence injectors. I'm planning on installing them on two banks. Megasquirt can run them so Genboard should have no problem running them too. Plus the car is currently set up to run them on two banks with tec 2 so its already setup for it.

Step 4: After the injection part is operational i'm going to remove tec 2 completely and run genboard ignition Giving me full genboard engine operations.

here is the digram I'm goin gto be using for the distributor installation FeroWiring.jpg feros wiring digram.

the First 5 wires on the Bottom Left row on the 36 pin side I'm unsure about so I have to confirm them with fero.