Here is my Distributor page. I'm not going to use Distributor but one day someone might so the information is going to be here from where I started and stopped. I haven't tried the config file because I got my 60-2 wheel working first but it might be of use to you.

[ config for distributor]

Here is the way my Factory Distributor is setup.


Step: After verifation and testing is done to verify that the genboard is reading the Distributor properly with a timing light. I'm going to install the Fuel injector harness so that genboard can control my low impedence injectors. Measure your injector resistance with DVM: ... Ohm for an injector so .../2 Ohm for every bank. Needed for injector pwm parameters (which is more efficient than analog current limiting, but requires configuration).

here is the digram I was going to be using for the distributor installation FeroWiring.jpg.jpeg

jorgen__ 5, 21 amd 32 is connected internally.
jorgen__ They are used to ground all heavy loads like coil and injector.
derrick so the ground wires go to 5, 21, and 32 and 26 go to chassis which grounds them
jorgen__ Correct
jorgen__ but there is more to think about.
derrick so I can run my grounds to those and 26 will ground them
jorgen__ From pin 26 you run a separate wire to the sensors, splice it right outside the box.
jorgen__ The trigger is also grounded at pin 26.
jorgen__ This is not the same as grounding the sensors at the same point on the block as the wire from pin 26.
derrick hmm got a little confused
jorgen__ Run a gnd wire from the block to pin 26
derrick ok
jorgen__ Also run gnd wires from the same point to 5,21 and 32
jorgen__ Now splice into the cable that goes to pin26 close to pin 26. Use this wire for sensor grounds.
derrick o ok
derrick so all wires can be grounded at the same place
jorgen__ Must be grounded at the same place.
jorgen__ Make a point that you call 'engine ground' or something like that. It's important.