Currently joined a project with a friend trying to get an RB25 engine working with vems (FW - 1.2.11).

The engine and ECU came as a bundle from a previous guy who of which left it in a state.(Chopped wires ect). He also never got it working although that was due to it not sparking, we have at least got it doing that.

We have configured the Primary and Secondary triggers, would be fantastic if someone could confirm the settings?... The Crank has 24 gabs & and Cam has 1.

Settings File -

Trigger Log -

Review of vemcfg and triggerlog, triggerlog looks good, both primary and secondary triggers present, in sync and sparking; Config, adjust triggertooth from 3 to 2 and add 30 degree to tdc_delay (from 30 to 60). Do not forget to check your ignition timing and firing order with a timing light on actual engine (and adjust tdc_delay if needed), easy to lock timing to timing mark degrees by adjusting cranking advance.

Best regards, Dave