I want to use VEMS to implement the distributorless ignition on my SIII XJ12. First I'll probably build only the input part (crank trigger, MAP, air / coolant temp.) to monitor the original maps. I'd like to keep the mods reversible so I can fall back to original setup if I yield to work-wife-lack of money threat.

Here come the problem #1 - installation of crank trigger wheel. As can be seen in [this pic] there's very little space to install the 36-1 or 60-2 disc. One option is between the damper and engine timing cover (indicated with red arrow on pic). The other one is between the damper and the pulley (green arrow).

Option #1

There's about 7mm from damper back side to engine cover and 6mm clearance from damper to the water pump casing above the damper. The ideal shape of the trigger disc would be like [this one] or [this one] (don't know how I'd describe this shape in English' - toothed-flowerpot saucer-style'?). But the diameter needs to be between 137-143mm. I haven't found one yet :(

The sub-option is to have something [like this] machined into proper shape. This one has approximately appropriate dimensions.

[OMEX] produces 5mm thick 140mm diameter wheels (p/n OMEM2460). This'll also require a bit of machining.

Option #2

The 60-2 wheels offered by Electromotive (1/8'/3.175mm thick) could fit this gap.


Some data from Marcell (thanks!):

Unfortunately machining is neccessary to separate tooth wheel from pulley in both cases.

More wheels [here] (last change 2005-Apr-05).

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