My project vehicle is a factory fuel injected Ducati Monster. The engine is an air-cooled, odd-fire, 90 degree v-twin with individual throttle bodies. The OEM ECU by Magneti Marelli controls both fuel, via two manifold mounted injectors, and spark, via two "dumb" coils. My goal is to completely replace the OEM ECU with a MSAVR while making no other modifications to the bike (engine, sensors, etc.). Therefore, I will utilize the "dummy ignition" code in firmware to drive the coils. Fellow ducati DIYers have found that these engines tend to run rough with batch fired injectors and that the two cylinders tend to have measurably different fuel requirements. So, I intend to implement a sequential fuel injection system with dual tables, one for each cylinder.

Technical Specs


- Weber IWP 001


- 190 cc/min

- ??? Ohm


- 1 per cylinder

- "Dumb" (ECU controls timing, advance, and dwell)

- Denso 129700-4000 (JO400 10D09)

- 4.7 Ohm primary resistance

- 17.4 kOhm secondary resistance

- 7 ms dwell at 1100 rpm and ~12.5V

- 5 ms dwell at 5000 rpm and ~??V

Timing Sensor:

- Muti-tooth wheel spins at cam speed

- 46 teeth with 2 consecutive missing at TDC #1

- VR sensor by Bosch marked "281 22 124" and "0 621 210"

What I don't Know Yet ;)

- 4 us timing resolution definitely good for 10000 rpm (~0.25 crank degrees)

- Current Firmware capability for sequential injection?

- Current Firmware capability for odd-fire?

- Current Firmware capability for dual table?

- Injector resistance (Low Z is my guess)