Project Pugzilla

A friend has a "cheap" trackday toy. Well, it started out cheap, now it's eating money as he's getting nearer to the top of the table in the local car club autotest league.

About the Car

About the Engine




I'm pressed for time on this install, because the car is needed in a competition at the end of this month:

Does anyone have a base config for the S16 triggers that I could steal?

It'll save me a load of work if I don't have to mess around measuring TDC etc... I'm not worried about having any of the tables. Thanks.

Here you go:


As used on:

Further trigger woes: I bought a VR/Hall version of VEMS by mistake. I need to convert this to hall/hall.

I looked at Rob's instructions, but they refer to v3.2 - I have a v3.4, and it looks quite different. (plus there's no silk screen...)

Are there instructions for v3.4?

OK, problem solved - I just have to use the schematics to find R56 and follow the original procedure.

Regards Dave