Jareds 1990 Miata Project.

Has been running Successfully for approximately 1 year on various releases of code, currently running on 1.0.73 and winning lots of local track events.

Details of the config are below, but should be considered succesful

1990 Mazda Miata turbo

3.3 ECU with Dual VR w/auditrigger, Knock, EGT, LCD, PS2

Mazda has a Dual Optical CAS wheel so the ECU has been converted to dual Hall inputs.

CAS wheel running on the stock engine mangagment looks like this on the scope


My plan is to remove one of the inner slots on the Cas wheel <via TIG welding or similar> and setup the motor as a full sequential capable unit <currently running the stock waste spark coil pack though>

Firing order is 1-3-4-2 and the wheel looks like so, the direction of rotation is marked with the arrow and I've labelled the TDC side of the slot for each cylinders event with its corresponding number <matching the firing order>


We welded up the long slot and left the shorter cam sync window.

Heres a dump of the config and tables.txt running on 1.0.69 firmware