Hello. We are working on a Supra MK3 6 cylindre inline. We are driving 3 double coils on pin 33, 34 & 36 whit succes. We have wired 3 sets of injectors ( as OEM ) and are driving them whit INJ A, B, C, & D.

Our problem is that when we idle we are only getting 0.9ms opening time at lambda 1, and therefore will the injectors not atomize good good enough. Is there a way we can get higher opening time? Our idle target is lambda 1.

Our H2 is:

0 = 1

1 = 2

2 = 4

Our req fuel is 5ms.

Any ideas. Here is the MSQ File:

Thanks for your time!

As I understand now your injectors fires twice per cycle. I suggest rewire on six INJ outputs and run it once per 720deg. MembersPage/GintsK

Okay great! I tryed to change my H2 to:

0 = 1

1 = 2

2 = 4

3 = 1

4 = 2

5 = 4

Would that not be the same?

I am just confusing by the OEM ecu can handle it whitout 6 inj outputs! / Daniel

Your new table is the same.

You have 18 (3 sets) injectors now? Right?

If you have 6 injectors and your inj time is close to 1ms, then it is flyback problem. Voltage pike is cutted at too low level and injector closing is hardly delayed. MembersPage/GintsK

No, I just have 6 injectors, on 3 outputs.

What do you mean when you say that the table is the same? Same as ? /Memberspage/Daniel

Your msq configured to fire 0..3 inj channels! should be 0..2 for firing three banks. May be that is a problem? MembersPage/GintsK