Problem solved

Ignition stuck at 10 degrees

I have seen this problem a couple of times and Vems hq has a solution for this.

It can happen while you upgrade the firmware to newer then 1.1.89 and then you will need a boot loader upgrade.

Its easy to due and will only take 5 minutes to cure the problem.

Contact for instruction.

Ecu nr 35..

Board 3.5


Ecu needs serialnr !

After we did a firmware upgrade from 1.0.73 to 1.1.92 we got some problems!

Every time we switches the ignition off the car and starts it again, the ignition and idle control valve is locked!

The ignition is locked at 10 degress, and the IAC valve is locked at 31%..

The only way we can "unlock" it is by "release" the idle or IAC valve in the tools menu..

Any ideas?

Here are a log and a config file..

Any Ideas ?

Regards Daniel

This ECU reports no serial number

is it very old, or been repaired (Replaced uc?)

I recommend sending for fix in hungary


Always use Rising edge of primary trigger when using missingtooth pattern.

You should be using this trigger reference tooth table:

0. 18

1. 0

2. 18

3. 0

And ignition outputs in use: 03..00 and the following order:

0. Ignition output 0

1. Ignition output 1

2. Ignition output 0

3. Ignition output 1

Your engine just runs on 2 cylinders

Try this config:

It may have something to do with Mat dependent retard, although its disabled.

Connect a MAT sensor.

Try 1.1.95 firmware, and maybe start with a fresh config and just add the settings thats essential for your engine.

Remember to strobe your ignition again.