Hello there :)

I have installed firmware 1.1.78 on our new demo car!

The car is now running whit 4 trottles and boost, but how would the setup be in the new software whit the new firmware 1.1.78.

Can anyone please help me!?!?

I would like it to drive Alpha-N til 120 kpa.

And what can i expect to hapen when the boost goes past 120kpa

/ Daniel

There are two ways to setup the current and hopefully final Alpha-N + Boost application but I will only cover the one where the pressure is measured before the throttle blade. This is only because it's my preference. -Jörgen

Under Base setup-> Alpha-N/speed density setup:

Set "VE control stratergy" to "Alpha-N"

Set "Ignition + lambda control axis" to "kPa".

Set "MAP sensor connection" to "Before thottle"

Set "TPS lookup used below this threshold" to "120kPa".

Setup the VE table to work in the 0-99% range, small steps in the beginning and large when you get closer to 100%. Like 0,1,3,5,9,14,18,27,34,45,59,74,90 and 99. This is where you do most of the tuning.

Setup the RPM/MAP MAP correction table to cover your boosted range, 100-400kPa or whatever boost range you run. Fill in the table with 100% in all positions initially.

Setup the Lambda target and ignition tables to have 0-100% TPS AND to cover your boost range.

Operation and tuning:


The VE in the TPS lookup table is multiplied with the pressure before the throttles and also with the multiplier in the MAP correction table. So if you tune the alpha-N table at 0.5 bar boost and then find that the car runs a bit rich at 2 bar boost it just means that you make that correction in the MAP correction table instead of the alpha-N table. In many cases this will not be needed.

Ignition and Lambda target lookup:

When the engine operates at a pressure lower then "TPS lookup used below this threshold", in this case 120kPa, the ignition and Lambda target lookup will be based on the TPS. So if you have 100kPa (you are not likely to get much lower then this with the MAP sensor before the throttle blades) you run on TPS alone. When the pressure starts to build and the pressure increase past "TPS lookup used below this threshold" (in this case 120kPa) the lookup is made on pressure alone in the upper part of the table. So even if the TPS is still at 60% or so the ignition and lambda target will be taken from the 150kPa bin if your pressure is 150kPa.

When first seeing this it is very easy to think that there would be a jump in timing and lambda target when moving from the TPS part of the table to the pressure part of the table. But the transition is in fact very smooth if both parts of the table is well tuned.

MAP sensor after the throttle:

In the after the throttle setting the ignition and lambda target lookup will be done on pressure alone. This is good if you have an engine where the vacuum signal is strong and stable. You would then tune the lambda target and ignition timing as on any speed density engine. The "before/after" setting doesn't change much for the fuel calculation as any pressures below the barometric pressure is ignored in the "after" setting.

-- I suggest this information to be included in general doc/tuning pages (GergelyLezsak?)