Hello there, as we are building a new engine, we would get new triggers aswell.

The cars redline would be 9500 rpm,

At the crank we have a 12 tooth trigger wheel, but beacuse we want to go sequential we would have a cam trigger also.

Where is the best place to make the trigger tooth for cam, any advise here ?

And we are going 8 injectors because we would run methanol, so we have 4 x 1600cc injectors and 4 x 2000cc injectors. How to wire thoes, and is it posible to run sequential on all injectors ?

Regards Daniel

Here will all Vems related come for our new project car.

The project car will be runing whit the following:

Vems 3.6

24 + 1 trigger

1600 cc injectors

2 x walbro external fuelpumps

boost controle.

Aprox 800hp.

Here are the facts of a STANDARD gti-r:

1140 kg hatchback


2.0 liter turbocharged engine whit 223 hp.

0-100kph 5.4 topspeed 230kmt