Hello, i am at the moment working on a Impreza 2002 STI. We have made a 12-1 trigger whell and we are going whit a VR sensor. The car starts and runs fine, but we noticed: If we write 10 degress in hole our ignition map, our timing light dosnt stay at 10degress, it retards slowly to 0 (tdc) at 7200rpm, and in idle it is 10 degress as it should be. We tryed to change the dwell time, switch the trigger wires, Enable Filter for trigger but nothing help. We are running 1.0.73 in firmware.

Our setup is:

Edge: Rising

Type: Multitooth

Filtering: Disabled

Advanced filtering: Disabled

TDC after the trigger: 40

Numbers on wheel: 11

Trigger tooth: 1

Next Trigger tooth: 6

Crank Min period: 2000

Angular of tooth 10

Angular of missing tooth: 20

4 OEM subrau coils whit ignitors. EC 33-34-35-36

Dual output 0= 0+1 35+33

Dual output 1= 2+3 34+36

Any ideas?

Kindly regards Daniel

It looks like you may have switched the polarity of the VR sensor when connecting it. Only one of the edges of the VR signal is fixed, the other will change with RPM. We need the falling edge to be fixed. You say that you tried to switch the wires, what were the results? No start or worse behavior? Don't confuse this with the "Rising" setting in the ECU, the hardware that read and diagnose the signal sends out a rising signal to the microcontroller in the ECU when it seens a valid negative zero crossing. Also note that your TDC after the trigger is a bit too low, the trigger wheel is installed in a bad position. Don't expect stable timing if you set more then 30 deg in the ignition advance table.

Jörgen Karlsson


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The problem is solved. As Jorgen wrote the problem could be that the wires to the Vr sensor were reversed and it was. After we exchanged the wires the car drove like a dream.

I thought the car could not run an exchangeable sensor wires

Big thanks to Jorgen for help.

Tnx Peter