Matches for Daniel

The problem is solved.

As we have seen many times Mt can not always write the correct values into the processor, thus giving a false H2 Table

After that was corrected in Table and uploaded to the processor it seemed the ignition worked as it should and the car drove well.

Tnx Peter

Hello, we just installed Vems 3.5 firmware 1.0.73 on a Toyota 5efte engine. We are running multitooth on a 12-1 wheel in the distributor. Our big problem is that we only have spark on cylindre 1 and 4. The two others we dont have any spark. Do anyone know how to get all the sparks out to one coil?!

Here are our config:

Ignition Settings:

Outputs in use: 00 Only

Ignition driver type: DUMMY

Dual output mode: Disabled. we tryed to enable it

Ingnition output in use: 00 Only

0: 7 Pin 10

Primary Triggersettings:

Edge: Rising

Type: Multitooth

Filtering: Disabled

TDC: 100deg

Number of teeth: 11

triggertooth: 3

Next: 6

Any Help???