I am installing VEMS V 3.5 fw: 1.0.73 on a Toyota Celica 3sgte.

Everything is fine, except some trigger errors.

We have used the 24 tooth OEM trigger wheel where we have removed 2 teeths, so we are going 12-1.

The car starts and runs perfect up to 4200rpms.

When we reach 4200 rpms the car strumbles and backfires.

Here is our trigger config:

Tooths on wheel: 11

Degress before TDC 50

Trigger tooth: 1

Next Trigger 6

And of course Whelldecoder on.

Whe have tryed to:

Switch the two wires.

Larger and smaller gap between the sensor and wheel.

Removed the 10.3 K ohm pullup resistor on the board.

Used a new shielded cable between sensor and vems.

Tryed to add a 800 ohm resisor on signal wire and ground.

But nothing helps.

Here are a scope log when the problem acting:


I Think it looks ok!

And the MSQ file

We took a scope log of the ignion setup also ( OEM Igniter ):


Thanks for your time!

IMO you have to enable N-1 in primary trigger settings! Filtering is questionable. MembersPage/GintsK

I have tryed to enable N-1, but whit no luck.. It dosnt help. I think we would try whit a good known distributor

I found my old working msq from 12-1 on 1.0.73final. N-1 is enabled, and angular width of tooth is 12 and missing toth is 24 in my config. MembersPage/GintsK

I will for sure try it in the weekend.. But I have 4 other cars runing whit the other config, and i think i allready tryed the suggested settings... Regards Daniel