Hello, I have some problems here whit the Cam control!

It is a BMW V8, 4.4 Vanos engine.

It have a custom 60-2 wheel on the crank, and the std vanos trigger whell on the intake cams.

Everty thing is fine until i use the cam controle.

When the car starts moving the cam, i get trigger errors!

I have an idea that I have misconfig the trigger settings.

I have uploaded a triggerlog and a config file here:

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your time!

Regards Daniel

Hello Daniel,

Could you provide me with a triggerlog of engine cranking 8-10 seconds without inj and ign fuse ? Your current triggerlog (at engine running) does not provide enough resolution for proper review. Thanks!

Best regards, Dave

Hello Dave, and thanks for your time. Here is a triggerlog of 10 sec of cranking :)

Regards Daniel

Hello Daniel,

I have reviewed your triggerlog, good format; awesome!

proposed primary trigger settings:

proposed secondary trigger settings:

After applying these your engine should run without trigger errors, if there are any issues please provide another trigger cranking (same format).

Best regards, Dave

Dave, you are the man, it works perfectly.

Thanks :-)