Here is example how to set inline 5cyle engine only run on 60-2 sensor(vr).

Injector 1=vems inj0


Injector 5=vems inj4

COP 1=vems ign0


COP 5=vems ign4

Firing order is:1-2-4-5-3

So you need to fire 5 time per crank rotation, so you get wasted spark but on one cyl(COP).

For volvo t5 you need to set:

primary trigger rissing

trigger toth: 5


next toth:12 (60/5)

h1 table=0 48 36 24 12

ign output=ign0 ign3 ign2 ign1 ign4

Becouse you have twice more ign events, you need to put double less constant for rpm, so 1200

and you need to put divider 2 on injectors.

Here is config( firmware 1.1.47v2). That config isn't maped so don't use VE and spark table.