Direct injection engine (yes, not port injection into intake manifold, but injecting directly into cylinder, at high pressure...) This install is a great achievement. Congratulations.


I have very strange misfire problem with one car. 4cyl inline engine, 60-2 on crank(vr), cam sync(4pulses, 3 filtered). 4cop, big injectors, 1.2.20 firmware(can't try older, because car has DBW).

Car work great on low boost

But misfires at a bit higher boost

Problem is that misfires always on the same rpm and problem isn't in coils/spark plugs ...(change coils, no effect, change spark

plugs, no effect, regap from 1.1mm to 0.5mm no effect). Also no trigger error in log.

Do you see problem in config? Any suggestion what to try.

Q: Damir, at what RPM in log does the misfire occur to narrow the search range ?? - DB

A: after 5000rpm, only few times(you can see lean lamda few time, also rpm are a bit chopy at that time). That is strange, misfire sound like 100% sparkcut for very

short time. Fuel pressure is stable(analog ch2). I can send you more than 100logs with misfire if you want.

Problem with missfire solved, problem was in inj angle. Too big numbers in table, so i need to rotate inj outputs.

Actually rotated injector outputs, so that: higher injector angle numbers are preferred, closer to 720 deg:


Dyno run:

Small demo of Damir's ETC tune (on the same engine):

Video of startup (starts very fast) :