I have diesel truck with 6 cylinders 14liter engine with 450HP at 1500rpm, where i use vems as piggyback only for fuel injection(2 LPG injectors) so vems shares vr sensor with stock ecu.

[/v3.3_n002751-2009.09.07-23.16.23.vemscfg config 1.1.59]


On crankshaft it has 36+1 trigger wheel (not gap, one more tooth between normal tooth, so 37 teeth altogether, see picture).

This is called InputTrigger/ShortGapTrigger (although more teeth, similar strategy as subaru/fiatstilo style => use recent 1.0.x, or wait until it's made to work with 1.1.x sometime after 1.1.59)

  • if i understand right, advanced filter will filter two teeth(because time beetween two teeth is double less) so that trigger wheel will act as n-1
  • Are setings # normal tooth: 16 .. 100% # missing tooth: 125 .. 300% good?
  • If i set N-1, then i have very stable rpms(only if i put trigger tooth 0 else 0rpm), but 3 time less(engine idling at 560rpm, vems shows 186rpm and if i put next tooth 9 rpm doesn't rise rpm). And i have altime trigger errors. Tried with advanced filer on/off
[config N-1 1.1.59]
  • on coil type, i solved second problem(now all injectors fire), but still have little rpm fluctation. Normaly if i put next trigger tooth 37 have stady readings, but only one injection per crank rotation(i need 2).
[config coil type 1.1.59]


I put thise settings:

firmware 1.1.59


type:coil type BAD


special trigger: normal

number:30 or 32 tried


next:15 or 16

and ref table





I have to problems. Rpm reading aren't stable(see picture). caused by coil-type setting - See above


And bigger problem. If i set 2injectors, only first one fire

(i can put to fire all injectors at same time, but it's better to fire one at time). If i set 1 injector, first one fire twice faster(what is logical:).