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Solved. Change acceleration duration to 0.3mS(in megatune is mS instead of S)

When is activete it lasts for 10seconds (throttle is stady). This is my log

  • It was routed thru 10cm 4mm hose. I haved strange readings(-+4kPa onda stady state). Than i add more 4m hose and now fluctuation are less. On full trotle map is 99-101kPa.
  • 284.152 sec another MAP spike
  • 288.97 sec lambda leans out, engine looses power. Iac starts a huge 60..20kPa fluctuation, RPM fluctuation is also huge.

You seem to be using very aggressive window for idle-ignadv (+-4 degrees ? Log has 12..20 deg ignadv as RPM changes)

  • What values are good for idle-igadv?

What's wrong ?

Engine needs tuning ;-)

VE tuning and some iac tuning as well. Currently it does not make sense to start transient tuning (accel enrichment), before it works well in static state.

  • Engine works very well when accel is off(lambda is good, full economy is good(better than standrad ecu), car goes much faster).
This is my idle when accel is off.

I have problem with my iac(it is broke, when is cold is 38% DC enough for 1200rpm, but when is hot 47% DC is't enough for 1000rpm). I will fix my iac later.

I think that you have too long AE time, i think its seconds, not mS as it reads in megatune.

I have those Acc amount values between 0.3-2.1

Not sure on that.

Im messing with c20let engine.

By the way, ive noticed that when IAT is near 0c, IAC DC% is usually around 51-52 and when IAT is like near +20c that DC is then 54-56 depending on alternatorload and things.