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Normally you don't need dates, but use lexi-sort-correct 2007-11-19 if you do.

Information from Webshop:


Serial_nr= 1057

pump-= 4.17V


pump+= 4.23V

(C103=1nF, no D100)

Engine information:

* Opel C20NE engine with uprated pistons, conrods, bolts, clutch etc.

* 2000cc

* 8 valve

* 86.5mm bore

* 86.0mm stroke

* 14 bar compression ratio

* 1-3-4-2 firing order

* 60-2 trigger wheel

* 4x 174 cc/min injectors

* one coil


I have problem with WBO2 free air calibration. I did pump zero pw and pump(103) PID nernst target calibration(134).

This is voltage on drain of WBO2 heater mosfet. Looks good.


But level of O2 is junpig form 12% to 23% and some times ??.?

Here is log of readings

Solved, pump kp term was 0:(


IAC is now on pwm control and idle wokrs good(800rpm).


I started my car without any problems(first attempt and it works:).

Here is film

But I have problem with idle(is about 4200 rpm).

How can I regulate(lower) iac(standard opel on/off)

Here is my config

And log