Current setup 2010-12-17 :

24-1 Hall trigger wheel ( Hall TLE4905L glued 55deg BTDC from the Vems shop)

1 tooth Hall cam sensor ( Hall SS443A glued in the Dizzy 90deg before Missing teeth sensed at cranck)


[Back of the wheel with one magnet, for balance]

Old information

The engine is fitted with 2 magnetic signal sensors(HALL) fitted in the dizzy attached and driven by the exhaust camshaft.

But what is the pulse-pattern ?

-> first has 3 evenly spaced theeth; second has 24 theeth sensor placed 180° opposite of the 3theeth sensor;(I'll post a picture this week)

24tooth gives cam position reference,3 tooth cilinder firing order.

I setup a page here [url][/url] so with help of the board we should beable to have system up and running in 6months? :lol:

From the manual CB80 ignition timing is constant 10° crankdegrees before TDC firing order 123.

Firing is 240° cranck rotation after each other and 3-tooth wheel matches TDC of piston

At the cam we have a HALL signal (not HAL:)).

Any suggestions please?


A 6-1 tooth CAM signal would be perfect.

Or 3 (evenly spaced) crankpulses and 1 campulse.

[cb80] Dizzy standard fitted with 2 HALL sensors cam driven