Daihard Partslist page added 12-09-2004.

update: 21-09-2004

Parts orderd at the webshop:

1 x WideBandO?2 sensor (LSU4) = 69.00EUR

1 x Wideband connector () = 19.00EUR

1 x TPIC8101DW () = 6.00EUR [egt controller]

3 x TLE4905L (HALL) () = 9.00EUR [2 spares]

1 x Stepper kit (SN754410) = 3.00EUR [for future setup]

2 x NTC 2k2 () = 2.00EUR [plenum temp and pre IC temp]

1 x MPX4250AP (MPX4250AP) = 23.00EUR [MAP sensor]

1 x LCD4x20 (LCD4x20) = 28.00EUR

5 x Ignition IGBT () = 20.00EUR [3 on plug ignition coils 2spare]

1 x GenBoard v3.x (v3.1) = 189.00

Ship start 7 weeks

6 x FET: FQPF20N06L (FQPF20N06L) 12,00[O2,injectors,fuelpump]

2 x AD597AR (AD597AR) = 12.00EUR [knock sensor]

Parts needed to fit the Genboard ver3.

The board from Webshop


1xHall sensor for cranck trigger

3x evenly spaced magnets for HAll

EGT sensor with short probe stick to fit the short 12cm extractortube webshop EGT is to long.

WBO2 from webshop + WBO2 connector

Knock sensor

electronic parts:

from webshop:

3x IGBT for driving the coils on plugs.

4x FET 3 for driving Injectors 1 for boost soilenoid.

Map sensor

LCD 4x20

TPIC8101DW Dual-channel acoustic knock sensor interface chip

AD597AR precisional K-Thermocouple EGT amplifier



from scrapyard or elsewhere

3x coils on plugs (audi?)

bigger injectors? if LowZ need the PWming kit from the shop!!

idle solenoid

fast idle solenoid or steppermotor to combine these two.