Assembling the Ver.3.2 GenBoard...

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Q:: did i forgot some parts can't find the problem messured 12v, and 5v on HALL sensor supply, sp2 nessured 12v on 2 pins i think i need to solder more parts but have no clue wich should be added.


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fitted the board in to a alubox and fitted separate connectors for:


PS/2 - keyboard

audio jack - serial communication

Neutrix 4 pole - WBO2

Neutrix 2 pole - EGT

Need to fit Chinch connector for Knock coax cable

Need to fit Din 4-5 pole for 3 step steppermotor.[closed,1,2,3 staged open]


Its working soldered a variable resistor between pin 1 and 3 at the LCD didn't know its that important and thought soldering them as the final touch :) thx...

Made the ps2 connection all LED's on the keyboard lightning up on powerup so asume these work aswell. Now starting to check the board with MenuHardwareDebug?.


I'm trying to get the LCD working checked the wiring its ok

I'm using a old pc IDE cable even got about 5volts on the nr connection but the lCD isn't showing any sign of live

using the following pins and lcd connection

Processor side

LCD 1 - 13 - 11 - 6 - 2

genB_LCD X - 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10

genB_LCD X - 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9

LCD 4 - 14 - 12 - 5 - - [blank] => X not used

Econoseal side

I'm not going to match this table to GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect


Its ALIVE (resoldered the LED to misc position )

my RS232 cable as good as i could and got a Blinkping and DATA connection YEAHHH :) So now further to step 2:


After reading and reading the site,things are going alot better'

evry thing is fragmentated but hopping from item to item will get me there :).

1) Injection 3 HighZ injectors so need to solder 3 FET's and 3 smb diodes from the resquekit with the stripes facing eachother then soldring the 3 FET's.

Well do that tommorow..

2) Well did the soldering today almost finished...

Power: F1 Big black thing in.

C72 1uF; D45 KE 22A C101;

temp: R9 and R10 2,49K

HALL: R55 10 k + SJ2

Ignition: IGBT 3x Q3,Q6,Q9

Injection: FET's 3x Q1,Q2,Q5 and 3diode's Mo 016LV HighZ setup; and Flyback wire

EGT: C44 271ohm; SJ9 and AD597

Knock: C17 10nf

WBO²: Q18 FET.

Stepper: D45 (done with power) and SN754410NE. No need for the 8 flyback diode when SN754410NE is used (it has them internally).There is not even place for them since v3.2.

Hmm, powered the board up but no response, found that the V+ to the stepper was blocked through D$5 diode removed this and fitted a wire bridge on 2 places ie F1 and the bridge to the stepper driver. Also got 5v on the HALL sensor output connection,

still LCD not working as the Blinkping.

Stepperdriver: Soldered C76 and C75

Power: removed D45 replaced with 2 wires.

I don't fully get the current state of your setup. I added some notes to GenBoard/VerThree/Testing (best to have RS232 working first).

Dave noticed:

LED doesnt blink because it's in the wrong position: mounted at CL instead of MISC

Helpful links

Main Build handout just follow this:

Duplication of GenBoard/Manual/InitialTesting/VerThree