0.8L inline 3 cylinder, SOHC 6 valves, MPFI system, manual transmission

4 IGBT good choice ?

Primary trigger ?

Secondary trigger

- coil near plug distributorless system 1 coil per each plug

- ECM has an ignition module for the coils

- PWM IAC valve

- sequential injection

- MAP sensor (no MAF)

- magnetic (???) crankshaft position sensor; the sensor protrudes through its mount to within approximately 1.3 mm (0.05 inch) of the crankshaft reluctor. The reluctor has 58 slots machined into it, 57 of which are equally spaced in 6-degree intervals.

- Camshaft sensor is VR type; reading is not made directly from a camshaft reluctor, instead it has a separate camshaft lug (1X type) that sits on the opposite site of the cam gearing.

- IAT sensor with open element

- ECM controls fans and A/C system

Stage 2 build:

- stainless steel exhaust manifold, 35 mm runners, ceramic coated

- custom built Garrett T2 hybrid with billet intake wheel

- stainless steel 50 mm turboback + 35 mm screamer pipe

- aluminum intercooler piping (50 mm)

- single disk ceramic clutch with modified pressure plate

- 250 cc injectors @ 3 bar

- stock engine, gearbox, intake manifold and throttle body (45 mm)

- ready for VEMS install

Stats (figures at the crank)

Stock NA: 48 HP and 68 NM

Stage 1: 80 HP and 113 NM @ 0.4 bar

Goal for stage 2 with these injectors is to reach 100 HP